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3.1 Read your mail

To read your mail click on "Read" button:

menu posta


Now you can choose between these options:

 elenco puntatoread your new mail (new mail)
 elenco puntatoconsulte the archive of your read mail (read mail)
 elenco puntatoread the mail you have sent (sent mail)
menu leggi


When you click on one of the button a screen like this will appear:

leggi lettera


If you want to read one of the messages, move the arrow to the letter you're interested in, and click it. The selected message will change color.

When the message is selected, you can:

elenco puntato read the letter, moving your mouse to "Read the letter" and clicking there.


elenco puntato  delete the message, selecting "Delete message"


If you select "Read the letter" this screen will appear:

In the first white area you can read the object of the letter you've recieved. Just above it you find the sender of the message and the day when the letter was sent. In the big white area you can read the proper letter.

If you can't read the whole text because it's too long, you have to:

elenco puntatomove the arrow on the side bar wich you can see in the right margin of the bigger white area

elenco puntato click on the bar with your mouse and hold. Move the mouse in the required direction (up or down).


Underneath the text you can see the "Replay to the letter" button. If you click it you can answer to the message you've just recieved.


and the "Print the letter button". Click there to print your letter.


When a letter has been read, it will disappear from "New mail". If you wish to read it again, you'll find it in "Mail read".