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3.2 Write

If you want to write a letter with Eldy, from the Square go to the "mail" button. The mail menu will open: now click on "Write" 

menu posta
You'll see this screen:



Now write the issue (object) of your letter. Eldy will automatically compose it, writing your name (user name) and the date. If you want to change it, just move the arrow on the text and click there.

Write the object of your letter. The program automatically sets your name followed by the date. If you want to change it, move the arrow on the text you wish to delete, click there. Now press the "Canc" key of your keyboard or the “←” key.

Once your object is written, write the text of the letter.

Click with your mouse on the biggest white area, then click there.

The cursor will appear - it's the red sign you can see at the beggining of the white space. It always indicates the position of your wirting.

when the text is written let's proceed with the sending, clicking on "Click here to go on".

This screen will appear: