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3.2.1 Attachments

If you would like to attach something to your message, please select "click here to attach documents..."


 You'll see this window:



Here you can choose the document you want to attach from the memory of your computer:

If the document you want to attach is not in this window:

elenco puntatoclick on "up"


elenco puntatosearch for the document you want to attach in the folder where you remeber you saved it. For instance, if the document you want to attach is in the hard disk (C:), in the directory "Programs" , inside the folder "Eldy", you'll have to:


click on "UP" until you see the directory called "programs" 



click on the "Programs" folder: a selection symbol will appear


click on the "open or attach" button



select the directory you're interested in, here "Eldy"

   →click on  "open or attach" button
   →select the document you want to attach
   → to have a preview of the file you are going to attach, please click on "preview"
   →click on "open or attach"

You'll find the name of the attachments you have chosen on the envelope, in the "attachments" space, underneath the "Click here to attach documents..." button. Here, if you changed your mind about the document, you have the chance to select and delete the attachment. You just have to click on the name of the document you want to delete and then on the "remove attachment" button.