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4.2 The central area

In the big central area you can read and see the contents of the websites you're visitng.

You have many ways of browsing the internet. One, as seen before, is writing the address of the website in the address bar. Another way to surf the internet is jumping from a page to the other with the links. The links are those parts of the page wich are conncted with other pages in the web. Clicking on this images or words you usually broaden the knowledge of the issue they represent.

If you click on "Walk in internet" you'll find many buttons, wich represent links to thematic areas or services of Regione Lombardia.


parte centrale del portale

E.g. when you click on "news" you'll find a list of links to the most popular newspapers' websites:

parte centrale delle notizie

If you click on one of names of the list, you'll open the related website.