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4.3. The navigation bar

When you're surfing the web you usually visit many pages; that's why sometimes you should need to go back and forward with the pages you have already visited in a simple way.

That's the reason why your computer remembers the order of the pages you visit. This memory allows you to go back and forward with the visited pages. If you want to visit the pages in the opposite order click here: 

passo indietro

As long as we don't visit more than one opage the button will not be active.

If you use this button to go back to the visited pages, the other button will be active:

passo avanti

with this button you can visit the pages in the order you initially did.

Use the button with the elephant icon to go back to Eldy's portal from wherever you are in the web.

tasto portalte

If you need to print what you're seeing in the central area of the screen, move your mouse to the button with the printer icon:

tasto stampa