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4.4The search engines

The search engines are fundamental tools for your internet navigation, becuse they search in the internet the information you're interested in.

A search engine is a sort of archive which remembers all the web pages names and their contents. You can ask something to the search engine and see if it provides you with the required answers.

There are many search engines. If you need one digit the address in the address bar.


when this address is written in the address bar click on the "go" button. You'll find a screen with a rectangual area. Write there the issue of your research.


la home page di google

If you would like to search information about Eldy, go with your mouse to the white rectangle in the middle of the page. click there and write the issue of your search. Click then on "Search with Google".

A list of websites will appear. They can be relevant with your research or not, depending on your entries.


la ricerca di eldy con google

Whith this search we're lucky, we can see Eldy's page at the top of the list. We just have to click on the first result to visit Eldy's page.